We Aim to Re-think Traditional Education

While textbooks and traditional learning have worked for quite a long time, as new advents in technology come around, and as student attention spans decline, we as educators must think about new ways in which today’s learners can have more memorable learning experiences, and enjoy the process of learning.

As both a learner and an educator, I can understand both sides of the spectrum in terms of the student and teacher experience, and through the use of creative ideas, and technology utilization, I wish to share what I can come up with to educators with any array of experience in the classroom who may be looking to change things up a bit.

This site’s content is entirely free, and is encouraged to be shared with other educators who may be struggling to maintain attention or appeal to certain demographics of students, or for those who may simply wish to alter the daily routines and ways of relaying information in their rooms. 

We Aim to Share What is Learned for the Betterment of Education

This site maintains the goal that any and all information published to it will be done so with intent to be shared, and utilized by educators around the world at no cost to them or their schools. These methods are also highly encouraged for those teaching their own children through the use of home schooling, as the much looser home curriculum allows for these ideas to be more easily implemented. While we do not currently have social media, we also encourage sharing pages via Facebook or other social media platforms for the sake of informing others.