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Arguably the best kind of learning, that sticks after it’s said, tends to comes from those who we care about and choose to listen to. As educators, we understand that being teachers, this may not always be us. We sometimes have to be the ones to give out homework, send a student to the office, or say no when a student wants to ask directly for an answer on a test. There is something we can do about this though, with that of the Jigsaw Method. We can teach students to teach one another, and be their own masters over the content.
Learning through sport isn’t always the first thing we think of when deciding how to improve a child’s education. facets of teamwork are good, but is there any educational value? With Just4kixs soccer, for children with special needs and disabilities, it really just might be. Encompassing multiple theories of child development and learning, this inclusive soccer league can provide many opportunities for children to learn and grow outside of school settings.
Equitable, low tech, and easy to use, Plickers are an educational tool that can benefit the average classroom immensely, yet are not as well known as they should be. With a simple concept of QR codes for providing answers, and quick answer collection via phone scans, these small black and white boxes can revolutionize how we see education in cutting costs, and saving time.
It should not be understated that Roblox isn’t just a game hosting site, but a site for game creation. Often misunderstood as nothing more than a children’s game or hosting site, Roblox’s game engine seems to be swept under the rug by many outside of it’s entertainment demographic. Roblox’s game engine is a free to use game development software tool engineered to be simplistic enough for a child to use.